2015 Cast & Crew


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Slo-Mo the clown: Terry Pruitt - Dr. Scumbag: Gary Hensley - Freddy Krueger: Chris Andersen - Ghillie Suit: Matt Wobbema - Scarecrow: Jeff Betchel - Skelator: Austin Hinricks - Electric Chair: Gary Lassek - Executioner: Brian Walker - Victim 1: Karli Milner - Victim 2: Evan Milner - Host: Riley Hester - Hostess: Nicole Bedell - Pop scare: Nick Duncan - Tube room 1: Neall Buffington - Tube room 2: Mark Pruitt - Tube room 3: Gage Lassek - Street Stalkers: Bob Bellows, Tristan Bellows, Melissa Lassek, Cole Sedam, Dave Milner, Bob Carter - Photography: Matt Hester - Photograhy: Jill Hensley - Journalist: Logan Pruitt - Make-up Artists: Rachel Hester, Michelle Altman, Dakota Carman - Ringmaster: Josh Bellows - Set Artwork: Fia Marie


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